Photo credit goes to Mr. Jeff (as our kids refer to him) ^

A family of five + a scruffy canine, traveling the country full-time in our trailer.

Randy >>> @rockingmoose

Randy's roots are in motocross and design. One day his wife introduced him to photography and together they owned and operated a photography company for many years. He now works remotely as a product designer for an awesome nutritional company. He is also an aspiring chef who rarely cooks.

Erin >>> @findthehills

Erin's passions include photography, music, travel, hiking, and, most of all, being a full-time mom and homeschooler to the three little dudes in her life. She is also an aspiring hippie who hates wearing skirts. 


Linus >>> 5 years old

Our oldest offspring, Linus, is our curly-haired future engineer. He is a doting big brother with extreme passions for Star Wars and Legos. 

Holland >>> 2 years old

Our middle child is our sensitive heart. Holland is a snuggle bug with a brave heart and a very opinionated mind. Planes, trains and cars are his jam.

Thatcher >>> 1 year old

Our youngest is a go-getter. Thatcher's biggest obsessions are trying to keep up with his big brothers and throwing anything and everything he can find! Future baseball player? Time will tell.


Belmont >>> 3 year old non-human

Belmont never knew his biological father. His biological mother was an Australian shepherd, wire-haired terrier mix. Belmont loves cuddles, his fellow beast, and most humans. 

Billy >>> 10 year old non-human

Pre-owned, our beloved Billy came to us in his 9th year of life. He is loud and powerful, with 150,000 miles under his mighty belt.

Jean >>> 1 year old non-human

Jean is a 2016 Grand Design Reflection 308BHTS. She ain't small, but she's cozy! Some day we plan to downsize, but until then, we'll enjoy the elbow room.